Paintergate scandal rocks London

Tony the train painter has found himself at the centre of a scandal today after being snapped in a compromising position with an unidentified female avatar in the London Tube club.  The London Tube is an underground nightclub in Mayfair, known to be popular with rock fans.

Tony refused to comment other than to say "I was pushed into it."  He insisted that his wife would have no comment for us either, but when we called to check she told us that his dinner would be "in the dog."

A senior member of the London Tube management described the incident as "unfortunate" and said they would be taking steps to ensure that painting and decorating staff keep their tools to themselves in future.  The painters' union said that they would object to management's plans to take steps.  In a statement, we were told that "doing so could have health and safety implications when staff need to paint difficult to reach parts of the trains."

In a desperate attempt to draw this story out to fill column inches, this reporter asked clubgoers at the London Tube for their reaction.  One obviously outraged reveller yelled "hooooulalalala," while another simply said "I love this tune" and carried on dancing.  Opinions on this important story are clearly divided and, as always, you can rely on us to keep you up to date with developments.


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Rave and Wiccy and the usual crew rocked the Coach and Horses in Mayfair tonight for Rave's Birthday Bash!   an excellent turnout,  with top tunes,  great people and fireworks was had by all!

London inSL - Moments Ballroom & LIVE singer Chi

Fun @ Moments Ballroom
The wonderful romantic Moments Rooftop Ballroom awaits you and a partner at 12-2pm (UK time 8-10pm) Wednesday and Friday. Click here for The Link
DJ JBGoode & Hostess Jayde
The lovely Jayde and talented JB want to entertain you with the romantic sounds across all eras. Be sure to fix them in your diary to enjoy two evenings of pure romance this week.
Live Artist Chi
Last week we were lucky enough to have the fabulous voice if Chi, who WILL be back. She enjoyed herself as much as we enjoyed hearing her sing.

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London inSL - Hyde Park Jelly Bean This Week

The Three Witches stirring up trouble
Jelly Bean is the place to be between the hours of 11am & 3pm (UK time 7-11pm) on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday .. Thursday and Sunday it's 11am & 1pm (UK time 7-9pm). Be sure to come along for a good time and see your favourite DJ's play there.
DJ Roach at the decks
 Our top Djs include DJ Jason, DJ Madhatter, DJ Roach, DJ Trapify, DJ Scar, DJ TrueBrit, DJ Jafooly & DJ Arapants. Make sure to come along and listen to the skill of their mixes and sounds. Join the crowd all enjoying the atmosphere in the club.

Come along today:

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