Alex Mays last night at Philly's..

Yesterday was a slow and relaxing Sunday to begin with. Sundays are always slow but this one was even worse when I woke up, looked at the time and wondering if it's worth getting out of bed at all...the day was already gone..
Well, I went out of bed and after awhile over to Philly's where I found Jaco, Phill, Kai and a few others :-) DJ Jaco the owl was spinning some real great tunes. "It's chill out day" he said..perfect for me!

Later Alex Mays was live on stage. I felt like I was half dead and half alive but I did notice his great performance :-) I am very glad that I didn't missed him, Alex was great. I like to hear more of him and we welcomed him back to Philly's Bar
I got a message from Phill after a few minutes, "34 people in :-)". After a short time, not sure it was more than a minute or two after the first one I got another.. "38 on sim now". Yes, it was real nice and it didn't stop dropping in people. I was taking a look about 5 minutes later and then there were 45 :-)
Then I stopped looking and just enjoyed the time that was left. After that great performance Jaco took back the stream and continued playing his chill out tunes. We were also lucky to hear Misch strum a little on his guitar :-) Clara was there for a while to chill too and Jean, a good friend of mine dropped by to say hi :-) At least the evening became just perfect :-)

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