DJ Vaan keeps em Dancing

It was Wednesday therefore at 2012 we saw DJ VAan and Hostess Donna taking the controls of the club in a busy Hyde Park.

2012 had been a bit bumpy the last few nights, but even so we managed to get 70 pairs of feet dancing away to the mix of 80's and 90's dance tunes.  The music seemed very popular with lots of positive remarks aimed toward the DJ, and as the theme for this Wednesday night was "best in shorts" we saw a lot of knobbly knees dancing away.

The club has already it seems built up a handful of regulars that we see night in and night out, many of which are well known faces around London.  DJ's Kief, Croft, Pyp as well as non staff people such as Miaa, JK, Crem all can be seen in a variety of unusual and imaginative themed costumes most nights at the club.  Hopefully we can build on this and make 2012 a place where people not only come to win a prize, but also come to meet and chat with old fiends.

Dont forget that the venue also has a chill out area for use not only on busy nights, but also during the day for people to come and meet up and sit on the bean bags and sofas, whilst having a cup of coffee and a natter.

Why not pop along and see what's new at the 2012 club.

Joe Noir.

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