Live @ Philly's Bar this week..

We are happy to share with you 2 great live performers this week. First out is Urban Harvy. We welcome him Wednesday 18th, 1 PM SLT. Hes been around the Music Scene for a long time and part of that scene was being a drummer for most types of music from rock to country and all the stuff in between... hes even got the chance to play some Bass oh yeah and a little Guitar.. A great singer you don't want to miss..

Next out is Alex Mays, Sunday 22nd, 1 PM SLT. He has been writing music for over 15 years with styles ranging from Rock, Blues, Southern Rock and Jazz. Alex could never settle for one kind of music. Keeping music true and from the heart is his belief. You will get it all.. Don't miss it..
All welcome and your limo is here: Philly's Bar

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