Mike was back @ Philly's Bar..

Saturday started quiet and peaceful. I ran over to Philly's Bar that afternoon and had a great chat with my boss, Phill :-) Some of our plans came true so we have a few things to look forward to this week. More people dropped in and kept us company. Later that evening DJ Mike came and took the stream. At that time Jaco had fallen to sleep but Phill had an idea so he wouldn't miss all the fun :-) 
Jaco finally woke up and for a while there I was a little bit afraid he would fall, but it went well :-)
Looks like Phill had a good time out there on the dance floor :-)  
Jaco was suddenly transformed into a tree. A bit tricky but eventually he got the roots where they should be. Under the floor and not above the ceiling :-) He was a bit big but decorative, I think :-) 
Alazar, Froya, Matt and Kane..  
Misch as an little tough squirrel man but very cute :-) 
Thanks to Mike for all the great music and to all our great visitors for coming. Hope to see you all back at Philly's Bar soon :-)

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