Relax in London..

Lot of parties going on in London, but not only that. It is possible to just relax with good friends or alone if you feel for that as well :-) Here we are a few relaxing upstairs at Philly's Bar. You might meet new friends too if you have time to sit down a little and just take the day as it comes without any stress. Actually it is very nice :-)
Matt, Froya, Clara, Phill and Anitha
There is not only at Philly's you can relax and meet people. Another great place is The 2012 Club. Behind the DJ spot there is VIP area where you can sit down with a cup of coffee or three and listen to some great music from the radio :-)
Joe and Anitha on a coffee break :-)
Stop by anytime you want, I will give you the address: Philly's Bar and The 2012 Club

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