some pics from retrograde thru the week

<<<<< Tuesday 17th april was best in red @ Retrograde there was 500l on the board.
Dj Deccy was spinning the tunes Donna was there hosting away and keeping the crowd happy and tagged,
This was also the night that Retrograde got picked and put into the editors pics on the sl website.
Tuesday 24th April there was 500l on the board the event was Black and White back to the 60's.
Dj Crofty was playing his tunes from the 60's and taking requests from the vips for their 60's songs as always the host was Donna keeping the vips in check and happy and tagged and maing sure they all joined the board,
The event was sponsored tonite by NEXGEN.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 <<<<<<< Wednesday 25th April saw 500l on the board once again and the event was Hat Parade.
Dj Crofty was spinning his 80's and 90's tunes 80's picked by Crem Brule and 90's picked by Donna.
The vips flooded in and was all dancing away and requesting their 80's and 90's tunes Donna was there hosting away and keepin the crowd busy,
The event was also Sponsored again by NEXGEN,

Retrograde is open Monday-Fridays from 11am-1pmsl time which is 7pm-9pm uk time.
Hope to see u all there having fun and partying away

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