An successful evening..

Yesterday was a big day for Philly's Bar. The main show last night was with live singer Urban Harvy. It was awesome as always. I am just glad no one could hear me because it's very hard not to sing along with this man on stage. But the volume was so high so I couldn't hear myself either so it's all good :-) Just hope that my neighbors also liked it (if they heard it). If not then it was their pain, not mine! So many great songs. Was such a wonderful set!
Urban Harvy also have his own club where he sing every Monday from 2 PM SLT. Feel free to visit the place anytime you like :-) Address you ask? Well here it is: Monday Night at Urban's
At the beginning we were not many people around, but that changed. Not sure how many we were last night but both looked good and sounded great so I am happy :-) And when Phill said he hoped Urban would come back to us, well that made me even happier :-D Yes, I am a big fan and I don't do much to hide it

Not sure for how long Urban was singing last night, but was more than one hour :-) Nothing unusual about that so I am glad that we at Philly's can be a bit spontaneous. That's because Jaco persuaded Misch Lameth to play after Urban :-) I love guitar play so I stayed for a while to listen. I don't regret that and I got a bit surprised too :-) Misch sang Tanta til Beate by Lillebjørn Nilsen. A good old and well known Norwegian song and he did it great. I hope I can hear more of Misch soon
In summary, the evening was more than successful :-) Now we look forward to next time we get to hear these two performers again and welcome them back anytime

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