Tuesday at 2012 so its DJ Declan

Every Tuesday at 2012 DJ Declan takes the decs, with his modern chart and dance set, soon gets the venue thumping.  This Tuesdays theme was Tattoos, and as ever we supplied a freebie box for the theme, although many had been wondering around London as they often do looking at the great shops there for that nights entertainment.  Almost anything can be found, and its not even that far to walk :)

Crem seemed to be having some issues with her inventory, possibly when she was looking for another future nights theme idea ( sorry crem).

As you can see in the picture we had another great nights turn out, and many now familiar faces and body's, dancing away to the tunes.  Hostess Donna was pulling them in and getting them sorted to enter the contest for a share of the L$1000 prize, and just as many people were feeding the sploder but as ever, it hates me lol but there were some very large payouts.

Tomorrow we have DJ vaan and again Host Donna will be keeping him in check, but expect a great set from Vaan, as he has  some amazing mixes of popular tunes that will keep you feet and fingers tapping away for the whole night,.

See you there

Joe Noir.

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