Muppets Trivia @ C&H Pub Tues May 15th

Tuesdays are trivia nights at Coach and Horses Pub.

This week, Manager/DJ Mia Deluca decided to do a more specific theme and did Muppets Trivia. This included some questions about the muppets on Sesame Street too.

As guests arrived, Host Jas and DJ Mia noticed the same trend happening, they stand around the rug instead of on it. Many joked around about it, all in good fun. But Manager Mia has something in store, a change in center of Pub next time people come to party. She hopes that gets regulars to be all over the pub and not just in a circle around a rug :)

While guests and trivia fanatics where a little leary on how well they would do, they actually knew quite a few questions. Some questions took a bit longer than others for them to get the right Muppet or answer and a few were even harder where people had time to actually google the answer.

Some weeks there is an overall theme, like 90s music, other weeks more random variety of questions and some weeks, like this weeks, a definate specific theme. Some weeks we dont know what it will be while other weeks, Manager Mia tells ahead of time. Either way, if you love trivia, be sure to stop by Coach and Horses Pub 1-3pm slt on Tuesdays.

We always have a great time at Coach and Horses Pub. Be sure to check us out on the London Mayfair sim, Mon-Sats 1-3pm slt with live Djs, contests, and a trivia night (Tuesdays).

Contact Coach n Horses Pub Manager, Mia Deluca, for group invite or any questions. And we hope to see you at the Pub soon.

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