Orange OR Brown @ C&H Pub Mon May 14th

On Monday, Coach and Horses Pub, started off its week with a Best in Orange OR Brown Contest.

Manager/DJ Mia had some items out for those who needed something to be in theme and guests arrived in different shades of Orange OR Brown.
DJ Mia spun alot of rock from 2000 and up and guests danced, made new friends, played the sploder and had great time.

One guest had some orange on via a nice Tiger tattoo on his back. Some couples took to slow dancing as well.

Manager/DJ Mia started off the event excited to see an old friend who appeared after years away. They slow danced for a little bit and caught up as the party got started.

We always have a great time at Coach and Horses Pub. Be sure to check us out on the London Mayfair sim, Mon-Sats 1-3pm slt with live Djs, contests, and a trivia night (Tuesdays).

Contact Coach n Horses Pub Manager, Mia Deluca, for group invite or any questions. And we hope to see you at the Pub soon.

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