Retrogrades week of fun from 21st May to 25th

MONDAY 21ST MAY Was crazy avi night. We had $$$ 500 Lindens on the board. Dj Deccy came as Mr Blobby and spinning his tunes. With Donna hosting as Miss Piggy, Crofty as Kermit the frog and Jerome as Stewy from Family Guy we had loads of fun Avatars at the event - with many more fun AVi's as the event went on.
It was a great fun night with everyone having a blast and giving the Dj their song requests.

TUESDAY 22ND MAY was baggies night with $500 Lindens on the board. Crofty was there Dj-ing and Donna was there hosting. Many VIPs came in their baggies, many of which were colourful too. As always, all had a good time.

The Retrograde event was sponsored by NEXGEN.

WEDNESDAY 23RD MAY was black hair night where every1 had to dig out their hair dye and dye their hair black for one night Dj Crofty was here again playing his tunes Donna was there keeping the crowd happy and tagged and keeping them dancing the night away there was 500 on the board and the event was sponsored by NEXGEN.

THURSDAY 24TH MAY was multicoloured night at Retrograde there was 500 on the board Dj Deccy was here spinning his awesome tunes and taking the requests and keeping the crowd dancing away there was Donna hosting keeping the crowd chatting making sure they were tagged and on the board for a chance to win some money the event was once again sponsored by NEXGEN.

FRIDAY 25TH MAY was a NO THEME event once again and it was also crofty's rl birthday the club was all decorated out for him Dj Neilio was here playing his tunes and even played the happy birthday song for crofty and taking the requests from the vips Donna was there hosting and keeping the crowd happy and making sure they had their tags and was on the board the board started off at 500l and thn abby put it up to 600l and then it managed to get to 1k all had a good night and so did crofty the event was sponsored by NEXGEN too.

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