The weekend continued and DJ kief was back at 2012 club and spinning his tunes, as per usual he showed up early which was just as well as an hour before the event was due to start we had people wanting to dance and start the party.  At first we thought it was going to be a "Ladies Night" with almost all the people already at 2012 were indeed Ladies, and were soon dancing with the Janitor creating this photographic opportunity not to be missed or forgotten by me Joe. ( why doesn't this ever happen in real?)  Thanks Womble for the pic that will be treasured lol.

The party proper got under way with a steady stream of people from all over London and indeed from all over the World arriving at the club ready to have a great time, this particular night there was a strong Spanish contingent, gathering on the dance floor and enjoying the now thumping beat of DJ Badgers set.  Cinnamon and Anthrax gave us a great light show, dancing on top of the DJ booth either side of the DJ, keeping the crowd going and the people entertained with a great display of synchronised dance and light moves.

All kinds of people attend nights at 2012 from Wombles mini Ghost Rider av, to the "Normal human" type avatar and tonight, two lovely ladie Neko avs danced and raved the night away, staying well into the early hours, long after the contest had finished and listening to the DJs after show music.

Still two more days of this Bank holiday to go yet, Sunday and DJ Vox's 80 mix, and then the great new music of DJ Prettybones on Bank Holiday Monday itself.

See you there

Joe Noir ( Janitor )

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