Another week off fun @ Retrograde 28thmay-31st may2012

Monday 28th may was best in blue with 500l on the board there was Dj Deccy on the decks playing his mix off tunes Donna was here hosting and keeping the crowd happy all had a fun night all where requesting their sogs and feeding the sploder too.

Tuesday the 29th may was best in pirates @Retrograde there was the time lord himself Dj Crofty playing his set off tunes and keeping the crowd dancing away there was 500l on the board the where many pirates dancing about and drinking rum by the end off the event.

Wednesday 30th may was best in white with 500l on the board once again Dj Crofty was here blasting his tunes all over the club Donna was here hosting keeping the crowd happy tagged and making sure they were on the board and having a good time.

Thursaday 31st May was come as u are with Dj Deccy there was 500l on the board all was having fun and having a good time and requesting their fav songs.Sorry no pic for todays event as donna had to go off early and didnt manage to get one before she left.

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