Beach Week - Day 5 - Coach n Horses Pub

Saturday wound out Coach n Horses Pub's Beach Week with a Best in Beachwear event.

DJ Mia filled in for DJ Heath and spun a selection of pop, rock and more.

Guests arrived in swimsuits, shorts or any other variety of beachy wear and partied for a few hours in the sand. There was hotdogs and ice cream available. A wandering Crab kept running over some feet but was all in fun.

We always have a great time at Coach and Horses Pub. Be sure to check us out on the London Mayfair sim, Mon-Sats 1-3pm slt with live Djs, contests, and a trivia night (Tuesdays).

Contact Coach n Horses Pub Manager, Mia Deluca, for group invite or any questions. And we hope to see you at the Pub soon.

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