some pics from retrograde

 Wednesday 6th of June was 500l on board and crazy avi nite there was dj crofty playing his mix off oldies tunes the vips came all in their weird and crazy avi's all had fun playing the sploder and dancing and having a chat

 Monday the 11th of June was Blonde hair nite where all had to wear blonde hair there was 500 on the board Dj Crofty was here djin once agen and playing his mix of tunes Donna was here keeping the vips happy and making sure they where all tagged and on the board for a chance to win some lindens all had a good time

 Tuesday 12th of June was DO NOT wear green nite Dj Crofty was heare agen blasting out his awesome oldies tunes Donna was here Hosting away and keeping the crowd up and dancing and chatting away.

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