Violet Venoms Bar

That's right, WE are EXCITED to announce the GRAND OPENING of both Violets Venom Bar & Ascheb Designs on June 8th 2012!!
South East Corner Of Knightsbridge
So what exactly is Violets Venom Bar about? 
This Bar is about POISON!! 
The one place you can allow your VENOMOUS side to EXPLODE. 
So what poison are we speaking of exactly? well that is for you to decide!
 WHATEVER your poison is, this is the place to let it all out. One person's poison is ROCK, another DUBSTEP but we have the best cocktails of poison here at Venom. 
 YOU had better be ready for the heaviest mix of poisons you can cope with BECAUSE that is what we have waiting for you at Venom. 

Your first taste of POISON will be..
 (June 8th 2012/10 am - 2 pm slt (6 pm - 10 pm UK)/Grand Opening)
(10 - 12 slt)
(DJ Inception / Host Debs)
(12 - 2 slt) 
(Dj PrettyBones / Host Tippy)
They want to see your SEXY style! Your DEVIOUS grinding! Your HOT moves!
The bar is set out for ANY poison you want. Our trained girls will TEASE you and PLEASE you on their POLES and your LAPS..
 Our voice trained, 'Giggly' staff will take away all your INHIBITIONS.. they will let you LOOSE and also keep you ALERT.  Prepare for SWEAT to be PUMPING out of your SYSTEM as the POISON trails through your BLOODSTREAM
Get ready for the next dose of pure Poison.. 
Think VENOM .. Think VIOLET.. Think VICIOUS .. 
We get VICIOUS with your HEART.. MIND .. and EMOTIONS ..
 Be prepared for the VENOM .. Onslaught now.
Aschebs Designs is a CREATIVE studio offering ORIGINAL art pieces..
What exactly do they have to offer?
It can be from LOGOS! to BANNERS! even CREATIVE WALL PIECES for you're CLUB or HOME.
There will be GIFTS for EVERYONE!
The 10TH person to BUY a piece of art will RECEIVE  a free CUSTOM DESIGN 
This will be MADE  to THEIR TASTE or a piece from the GALLERY of THEIR CHOICE!
Both Violet Venoms Bar & Aschebs Designs
Are looking forward to meeting all you wonderful people..
So come on DOWN! There is no time to WAIT!
Come SEE for YOURSELF what BOTH have to OFFER!

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