Coach And Horses is BACK under Wiccy Shackleton

Sunday 22nd July 2012 - And Wiccy Shackleton is BACK at the Coach and Horses!

Tonight we had the welcome back party for Wiccy Shackleton at club 2012 while the Coach and Horses is being redecorated!

The party went with a real swing,  with music provided by Crofty, and the vibe was cheesies and oldies and fun music!  It was a fun and packed night at club 2012 and i'd like to personalyl thank everyone for making it  night to remember!

The coach and horses is going to be making a great comeback under Wiccy Shackleton,  and a real mix for people to enjoy in SL - good conversation,  fun events,  and a bit of mayhem to boot!

Hope to see you all there at the big reopening - keep watching this blog for updates!

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