Retrograde's week of fun 23rd-28th July 2012

 mon 23rd was  best in red hair with DJ ¢яσƒイу ♫
there was 500l on the board and the peeps soon filled up the dance floor and had a good time.
 tues 24 was   best in jeans   with  DJ ¢яσƒイу ♫ there was another 500l on the board and every1 turned up in their jeans or denim wear was a fun nite.
 wed 25 was best in black  with  DJ ∂є¢¢у  ♫ theres was 500 on the board Dj Deccy playing his tunes all had a good dance chat and laugh.

thurs 26 - best in odd shoes   /DJ ∂є¢¢у ♫

fri 27 - in Hyde Park for Olympics Opening Ceremony   /DJ ηєίιίσ ♫

sat 28 - COME AS U ARE  /DJ ∂є¢¢у ♫

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