2012 Club DJ Cazza loses her DJ virginity!

Before tonight Cazza was a virgin! - A DJ virgin, that is. At midnight she grabbed the decks, and somersaulted into the DJ world - literally. Doing gymnastics across the decks to entertain the crowd.

She mixed classics with top hits expertly and no one would have guessed she had been a virgin up to now.

That is, unless you had been told by a little birdie that she had forgotten to plug her microphone in and was shouting across the tracks.. all to herself!

Even though we couldn't hear her sweet voice in the 2012 Club, we didn't need to worry, because she mixed the tunes expertly.

Well done Cazza and welcome as a London DJ!

20120818 2012 Club_04720120818 2012 Club_04620120818 2012 Club_04520120818 2012 Club_04420120818 2012 Club_04320120818 2012 Club_042
20120818 2012 Club_04120120818 2012 Club_04020120818 2012 Club_03920120818 2012 Club_03820120818 2012 Club_03720120818 2012 Club_036
20120818 2012 Club_03520120818 2012 Club_03420120818 2012 Club_03320120818 2012 Club_03220120818 2012 Club_03120120818 2012 Club_030
20120818 2012 Club_02920120818 2012 Club_02820120818 2012 Club_02720120818 2012 Club_02620120818 2012 Club_02520120818 2012 Club_024

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