Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th Aug 2012

Wow what a fun filled two days we had on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday was a 10 hour Olympic Celebration on the new London Community Sim. Events continued for a full 12 hours. Competitions were held ever 2 hours.

The night started with a One Thousand Linden Dollar (L$1000) competition with music by Dj Mini-D which went on for 2 hours.

After that  was another One Thousand Linden Dollar (L$1000) prize event with Dj Neilio and his host Donna.

Then we went straight through and had yet another One Thousand Linden Dollar (L$1000) competition event.

Then we had a competition buster which started off at One Thousand Linden Dollar (L$1000) and was raised and raised until it got to SIX Thousand Linden Dollars (L$6000) with DJ Gary and his host Jas.

The night carried on in the same way by breaking through all our barriers and expectations. DJ Kin and his host Donna had a massive EIGHT Thousand Linden Dollars (L$8000)to be won!!

Who else cound follow him, other than Dj Crofty and his host Donna with their closing event of fun fun fun. It was such an exciting day. All who came said they have never had a night like it before.

As we could not match that night with another night of DJ's on Saturday - we turned to VJs  (Video Jockeys).

In this new event the music was not just streamed, the video to it was also being shown on the awesome 'Dome' stage we have on the London Community sim.

Again the people who came did another 10 hours partying.

By the time they had finished all the events that started off at One Thousand Linden Dollar (L$1000) were raised to TWO Thousand Linden Dollars (L$2000).

The party started off with 2hours from DJ Inception and hosts Cazza and Debs.

Afer that they were treated to 2 hours of music from Dj Mini-D and host Cazza.

Following that were 2 competition events and 4 hours of music from the awesome Dj Kin.

To finish the night of partying off, Dj Mini -D came to the Video Dome to play her sounds.

Once again the sim was full - a packed venue for both Friday and Saturday!

Everyone was none stop partying for these great two Olympic weekend days.

Debs told me that she would like to thank all hosts, DJs and other London team members for all their hard work in the last two days.



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