NEW VENUE! Green Man Opening Night

Green Man under SweetSurrender

Saturday 25th August saw the reopening of the doors of the Green Man Pub in Knightsbridge. After a complete transformation, the Green Man is once again wowing the crowds and thrilling us with it's entertainment and fun!! Live singer Chandra Deed and DJ Cazza opend the Green Man and kept over 60 people entertained for over 3 hours. It was the best party in London for a long time!

DJ Cazza hit the decks for us and entertained us with her ever-so-cute blue dressed avatar.

Following her was the charming and adorable Chandra Deed, the most poular singer in Second Life, and certainly the best in London.

Some lucky winner got a prize of $1500 lindens plus a superbike in Union Jack livery.

There were avatars of all sorts of shapes and sizes at the Green Man and many romances flourished there.

20120825 notting hilll_04420120825 Green Man Chandra_00920120825 Green Man Chandra_00820120825 Green Man Chandra_00720120825 Green Man Chandra_00620120825 Green Man Chandra_005
20120825 Green Man Chandra_00420120825 Green Man Chandra_00320120825 Green Man Chandra_00220120825 Green Man Chandra_00120120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_04620120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_045
20120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_04420120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_04320120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_04220120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_04120120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_04020120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_039
20120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_03820120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_03720120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_03620120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_03520120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_03420120825 Cazza DJ @ Green Man opening_033
Green Man Opening 20120825, a set on Flickr.

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