Angels and Devils and Cowboys and Cowgirls

 There were Cowgirls and Cowboys and Angels and Devils at Club 2012 on Wednesday - but luckily there was a Come as you are contest in between - although I`m sure this blogger spotted a cowboy dancing with a She- devil later on in the evening!

 Retrograde`s Angels and Devils was a very popular set with over 70 avatars attending. You would have thought there would have been more devils than angels with it being Second Life-right? But, no, there were plenty of virtuous
angels -along with some not so virtuous ones- scattered amongst the pitchforks!

 And then after an equally popular Come as you are contest from the Club 2012 staff, it was onto Western night with the Coach and Horses. There was lots of "yeehaw`ing to be heard as people partied on down.(Into the early hours Brit time)

     Tonight, (Tues 20th) it all starts again with Retrograde`s No Theme Thursday, starting at 11 am (Second Life Time), followed by Club 2012`s Best in British event, and finishing off with Best in Beach wear from the Coach and Horses. So get out that itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini for that one - and that`s just the guys!

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