Animal Antics @ Club 2012

Club 2012was like a zoo between 1pm and 3pm on Monday. The Retrograde Best in White event had 80 of you packed in like sardines in a can, and then when some rather unusual avatars turned up for Best in Animals there wasn`t enough room to swing a cat! 

Jordy giraffe? - Crofty joins in the fun!

DJ Squeakers (above, ) had all the animals whinnying, purring and hooting. And host Jas (below,right ),in her white rabbit costume was avoiding being followed by anyone called Alice.( A bit obscure maybe -sorry!)
And, yet nobody was going to  "look a gift horse in the mouth" when the prize money was handed out!
 Sanity was restored (sort of) by Best in Black from the Coach and Horses, later.

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