Brits and Cops @ 2012

      Club 2012`s girls have been on fine form all week,dressing up for events, but what has happened to you guys? We had Best in Cops and Robbers and no robbers turned up. Now,don`t tell me that none of you would have liked to have been arrested by these cops and taken down the station for questioning!

And, as for the girls in Best and Brit - well the pictures speak for themselves. You just aren`t being imaginative enough guys. If you want to make it onto my blog, and maybe into the arms of one of our sexy ladies, you need to get creative with your outfits!

But, on the brighter side, Club 2012 has been tightly packed all week with all you lovely avatars (male and female) and this weekend has started off being one of the busiest ever. So get on your outfits and get down to Club 2012 between 11am and 5pm (Second Life Time) on Saturday and Sunday before I have to send out one of the girls to get you!

Host Abby
(above) is gonna come and take you in for questioning
if you aren`t @ 2012 this weekend!

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