Crofty`s Swansong, Drag and Pirates!

 It was the fabulous DJ Crofty`s final set for London on Wednesday and there were lots of tears when it was time for him to go. He has been DJ ing in the London Sims for over two and a half years and will be sorely missed. The crowds turned out to wish him well and everyone wishes him lots of luck in his future ventures!  

Then, after all the tears, at Club 2012, it was a complete change in atmosphere as we had Best in Drag for the 2012 set. There were several Rocky Horror songs played and this blogger reckons the best dressed staff member prize should have gone to Inception, (above middle) who really got into the spirit of the event. Of course DJ Wiccy did too , but dressing like that is  an everyday occurrence for him!


And,then, it was on to Best in Pirates with the Coach and Horses set. DJ Gary kept the tunes going, along with the spirits- his bottle of rum kept us pirates partying!
Tomorrow  we are doing it all again - an 8 hour set this time - with Retrograde`s no theme Thursday kicking things off at 11am. (Second Life Time)
Then its 2012`s set with Best in Blue and then Coach part 1 is at 3pm (SLT) with Best in Lingerie and Coach Part 2 at 5pm is a medieval event. So something for everyone there!

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