Right, everybody it`s all change on the timing over the next couple of weeks, but the good news is we are still doing six hour events at Club 2012 -including sets from Retrograde and The Coach and Horses. And we have planned the schedule well in advance so you all have plenty of time to get shopping and be the best dressed avatar in every theme!


Retrograde`s set will be getting things started from 11am to 1pm (Second Life time)

And Club 2012 itself will be doing the 1pm to 3pm (SLT) shift (which is 9pm to 11pm British time)

The Coach and Horses set will be from 3pm to 5pm (SLT) so the late night shift for us Brits!

Host Lab Rat


DJ Wiccy
So, Monday 10th of September will begin with Retrograde and Best in Blue with DJ Crofty and host Donna
followed by Club 2012 with Best in Boots
and ending with The Coach and Horses with DJ Wiccy and host Lab Rat with Best in Cartoon.


Tuesday begins with Retrograde and Best in shorts from 11am to 1pm (SLT) with your lovely hostess Donna.

And then from 1pm to 3pm (SLT) it`s Club 2012 with Best in Rock

And concluding with Trivia night from The Coach and Horses which is always a great laugh and a way to win   Lindens too! (Host /MC Wiccy)

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