events @ retrograde

Bikers nite @ Retrograde Dj Mini-D was playing the tunes there was 750l on the board and club had so much funthen there was best in white also with 750l on the board and Dj Mini-D blasting the tunes to the whole off London then we had traffice light event where u came in red if u were taken green if u were single and orange if u were naghty 750l was on the board too was a fun night and was very colourful.

also had best in hats too with hostess Abby and Dj Mini-d and there was 750l on the board and a full club with around 55 people on the sim started off a good night.

 Wednesday was best in odd shoes and we had Dj Crofty blasting his tunes for one last time as he said goodbye to London was a fun filled night till the end off the set where peeps where sad for it to end we hope Crofty has a good time where ever he goes to next we gunna miss the choonchoon train,

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