Friday @ 2012 and the Weekend`s Events to come

  On Friday things started off at Club 2012 with a Traffic Light set from Retrograde at 11am (Second Life  Time). Basically, the idea was that you went dressed in red if you were taken, green if you were single and orange for just plain naughty! DJ Donna kept the tunes coming thick and fast and Host Abby (below, left) kept everyone entertained and made to feel welcome.

As the next event was starting London Team member Taz was spotted on a roof overlooking Club 2012 (Top,right) so, this blogger (being very nosey, as usual) flew on up to see what was going on and found he had discovered the perfect birds eye view of the club!

Best in Baggies was a very popular with the crowds and DJ Elle kept the crowds bopping! Then, it was Best in Pink from the Coach and Horses, which had  very few men participating in the dressing up, but host Lab Rat made the token gesture of some pink wings, which, it has to be said, he looked quite uncomfortable in!

More events during the veritable feast of festivities this weekend at Club 2012, include an eight hour set on Saturday from 11am. (SLT) The contests are Best in Hats, Best in Formal,Come as you Are and a Master and Slave set from 5pm to 7pm! (SLT) Then, Sunday we are having a massive nine and a half hour event, which will be bordering on a music festival, with a six hour Dubstep set from DJ RoRo starting at 6am (SLT), followed at
Midday by Bad Amp with their tribute to Ziggy Stardust before Club 2012`s usual Come as you Are set.
I wonder if there`ll be any Spiders From Mars - then again knowing Second Life anything is possible! 

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