PJ Party @ Club 2012

Best in Naughty PJs night at Club 2012 seemed to end up quite innocent. Not many of you seemed to want to do the full sexy look. That`s not to say that a lot of you didn`t look sexy in their outfits, but a lot more looked cute and cuddly and had brought their teddies along for a night out too!

And, even Debs Regent (Owner and Manager of The London Sims) got her Tigger PJs out and came along for a bounce!
We will be partying for our usual 6 hour set tonight - from 11am -5pm (Second Life Time) and there have been rumours about an extra two hours form the Coach and Horses afterwards. There`s only one way to find out about this fun and exciting club for yourself - COME PAARRTY!

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