Rock,Tattoos and Giant Beasts - Coach and Horses Home and Away

Over Friday and Saturday the Coach` s sets blew people away!
Firstly, the Best in Rock event, on Friday, had the biggest number of avatars attending a Coach set @ Club 2012 event over the past few months, and DJ Gary (above) kept them rocking way past the 1am (Brit time) finishing time.

We had some unusually large rock fans attend Friday`s event !

Then,on Saturday,due to unforeseen issues,Hyde park had to be re-started,so we all went back to The Coach and Horses itself for Best in Tattoos.
   Everyone agreed the atmosphere in the pub was great and the news that The Coach will be extending hours was greeted with excitement- from tomorrow (Monday) there will be a 5pm to 7pm (SLT) set!

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