Saturday in Hyde

Saturday`s mammoth party turned into a six hour event and the people still didn`t want to stop partying then!

For some the Club 2012 journey has turned into a real -life  love story

Retrograde`s excellent 11-1 set was followed by DJ Wiccy (manager of the Coach and Horses) who came up with some great nostalgia ,including one of this blogger`s favourites- Kate Bush.

 This was followed at 2pm by the staff of Club 2012 with their very own DJ Donna who has certainly gone back into shape quickly after having her baby yesterday! If  only the same was true in real life. Congratulations from every one on the London Team to Donna and Deccy on the birth of their daughter April!
      And I just thought I`d include a pic for the ladies of a Club 2012 guy.Come to our events and you could meet one similar!  

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