Sunday night`s Party in Park

DJ Crofty
Host Violet 
   Well, on Sunday 9th September, in real- life Radio Two had a massive event in Hyde park, so we decided to show them we could do just as well in our virtual world! It was a four hour special with DJ Crofty and host Violet at Club 2012 in Second life`s Hyde Park in the London Sims. It was a MASSIVE hit with the regulars and people turned out in full force.The whole weekend at 2012 had been busy, but the atmosphere last night was electric!

     Much more to come this week in Club 2012 as tonight (Monday 10th Sept) we have a six hour extravaganza guaranteed to have you bopping away (both on and off your computer!) Events start at 11am(second life time) with Retrograde`s set with DJ Crofty and host Donna and their Best in Blue contest.Then its onto Club 2012 themselves with Best in Boots and then its all change for DJ Wiccy`s set for The Coach and Horses which is a Best in Cartoon contest. Be there or be square!

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