2 packed nights at Club 2012 in the London Sims


 Sunday and Monday night at Club 2012 were extremely busy!
 Although, on Sunday we still had lots of space, despite the crowds, as it was Tiny Avatar night. We had a lot of small animals turn up along with the usual quota of fairies, pixies and elves expected. We did, however, have a particularly large animal arriving at one stage who clearly didn`t understand the concept of "Tiny", but unfortunately we had to turn him away as a lot of the little folk were afraid of being stepped on or eaten!

 On Monday the crowds had us really packed, though, for Best in Jeans. There were pledges to increase the board by huge amounts if we could get the number of avatars into the nineties. Unfortunately the highest we could get was 86. Lets see if we can beat that tonight. Events start at 11am (SLT) with Retrograde`s Bugs Ball. Yes, bugs of any kind are welcome to come and boogie!

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