Blood Bath in Hyde Park

DJ Prettybones (above) was back at Club 2012 and if you were thinking that she looked a bit the worse for wear there was a reason for that! The themes in the build up to Halloween are getting more and more gory and last nights Best in Blood contest made everyone look like they needed a trip to A and E!

 Entertainments Manger LabRat ( below,left) was back too after his real life bout of pneumonia and, again, if he looked a little bit like death warmed up we`ll put that down to the theme and not his recent illness. Lets hope his nurses were a little less scary than the one at yesterday`s event!

And then, as if to catch those who hadn`t dressed up, it started to rain blood from the skies. I`ll have to admit things were getting pretty scary at this stage and some of the avatars didn`t look like the approachable type- although I`m sure they were lovely really.

Just as things got unbearably spooky it was time for the Coach and Horses who thankfully went for Come as you are as their theme. Mind you you had to wonder what had turned the girl below`s hair quite so red. Maybe there was another shower of blood later. For more spine- chilling and uncanny goings on over the next few days come to Hyde Park. There`s our GhostHunt game with prizes, a Halloween fair and, of course, Club 2012 with lots of creepy events.

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