Cartoons and Clowns @ Club 2012

Host Jas looked slightly grumpier than usual!

Clowns and Cartoons brought colour to  2012 on Tuesday.DJ and Host Donna was a star doing a 4 hour shift through Retrograde and 2012 sets!

Cartoon characters are always popular on Second Life. ( Note:- yes I do know Second Life  is animated anyway, but shhhh don`t tell my avatar- she won`t like it ! )
So, Coach`s two old hags -aka. host Jas (above, right) and DJ Wiccy (below, left), kept the party going until 1am, (Second Life Time ) when the Mayhem team turned up ready for their Best in Lingerie event. This  blogger`s bedtime was looming then- it was all too much to take in- Clowns Cartoons and Lingerie whatever next?  (PS: Looked at schedule- There`s Gangsters and BDSM amongst the themes tonight - God help us !)

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