Childhood Dreams In the London Sims

      Thursday in Hyde Park and Club 2012 was packed to the rafters with avatars living out their childhood dreams. The theme was to come in anything you wanted to be as a child, whether it was a realistic dream or not. Some chose to come as the police or nurses - obviously the conscientious children! But a lot more came as the more weird and wonderful things a child`s imagination is captured by.

This blogger spotted Batman , The Incredible Hulk, Princesses , Pirates, Spacemen, Fairies and even Santa Claus himself. What a great imagination that child had - all the toys that everyone had ever asked for at his disposal !

      We made it to nearly 80 avatars - well done everybody! But we still haven`t hit that  avie mark. Can you help us to do that this weekend ? Sunday is my 500th day on Second life if you need a reason to party. Then again, who needs an excuse. The London Sims are the party capital of Second Life and everyone`s first venue of choice.

The events today are - Retrograde`s Best in PJ`s at 11am  (Second Life Time), 2012`s Seventies Set, The Coach`s Best In Military and Mayhem`s Come as you are set - which takes you up to 3 am (UK time.) And if that`s still not enough partying for you Saturday`s events are Retrograde` Blood and Scars event (?!) , 2012`s Best in Goth, Coach`s Come as you are and Mayhem`s Best in Rock.

And then, a nice sedate Sunday? Don`t you believe it ! Sundays are one of our busiest nights at Club 2012 and we will be rocking to a Come as you are event from 1 pm (SLT) with the excellent DJ Donna. So, no excuses - no "oh I had to go out in real life"- you can still fit in plenty of partying in the London Sims too. Help us break that 100 avatar mark and who knows how much more money could get put on the board!

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