Cool Ghouls - the London Sims

 You would expect some ghostly happenings at the later event at 2012 - the Coach`s Best in Ghouls...

.. but even the earlier "Come as you are" event had a lot of unearthly looking beings!

   DJ Essex (above) seemed to have washed  at too high a temperature and shrunk himself and host Madhatter (top,right) was looking pretty beastly!                                                                                                    

Even London Sims Owner and Manager Debs Regent (top,left) was a little see through!.

  And, that was just the staff. The guests were clearly trying on their Halloween costumes when we sent out the "come as you are" notices, as there was definitely an eerie atmosphere going on!


Just when it looked like all the witches and ghosts might just be cute costumes and we `d all started to relax again .........

... host Rocky arrived for the Coach and Horses set and scared us all to death again!

There`s only one place to be these Halloween night -  Club 2012 at Hyde Park in the London Sims. Things kick off at 1pm (Second Life Time), which is 8pm British time, and continue on long past the Witching hour.

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