Essex in style - 'Jas & Dave' 20121015

Essex style entertainment draws the crowds, not 'Only in Essex' but also in London.

DJ Essex with his 'Essex girls'
Jas keeps the crowds happy while Essex's finest played songs to entertain, along with 'Essex jokes'. Most relating to fake tans, white shoes, handbags and blondes.With the DJ asking all the girls to 'get behind me', you may wonder what he meant. Perhaps it's an Essex joke?

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2012 essex & jas_0372012 essex & jas_0362012 essex & jas_0352012 essex & jas_0342012 essex & jas_0332012 essex & jas_032
2012 essex & jas_0312012 essex & jas_0302012 essex & jas_0292012 essex & jas_0282012 essex & jas_0272012 essex & jas_026
2012 essex & jas_0252012 essex & jas_0242012 essex & jas_0232012 essex & jas_0222012 essex & jas_0212012 essex & jas_020

People were laughing and enjoying themselves as usual. 'Chaz and Dave' - eat your hearts out, we've got Jas & Essex !!

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