Hairy Fairytales in Hyde? - Wednesday in the London Sims

 Wednesday`s contest themes brought out a lot of the more unusual avatars to Club 2012, which was great as its the way we like it. First we had Best Hair, which you might think was a simple theme requiring your average avatar sporting a new "do". But no, this is Second Life we are talking about. We had dogs, wolves and big cats just as eager to show off their hairiness!
     DJ Donna (below) kept the tunes coming thick and fast, and the two hosts Jas and Wiccy to keep the  atmosphere light- hearted and fun.

 Just when you thought things couldn`t get any stranger, though, it was time for Best in Fairytale with the Coach and Horses.  DJ Pyp kept up the quality of the music and new host Rocky had the crowd raring to go. It was time for the even more unusual avatars to make an appearance and  I personally think that Coach Manager deserved the prize money with his excellent outfit below.
(Note: Yes I do mean "his" - anyone who knows him knows that with Wiccy the lines of female and male can become slightly blurred!!).

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