Have the London Sims gone to war?

After the Coach and  Horses Best in Military event on Friday night  you had to wonder if  there had been a war in Hyde Park as avatars arrived for Retrograde`s Blood and Scars event on Saturday!

But Real Life nurse Keira  was on hand in case any medical attention was needed - as she was on a bus on her ways back from work yesterday when she delivered a baby. (Real Life)

 I hoped  she was hanging around for the Best in Goth event later (1pm SLT)  - who knew what medical interventions could be needed !

Club 2012 in Hyde Park is still showcasing other pubs and clubs in our community for 8 hours a day from 11am (SLT ), and we are open 7 days a week for some of the most eclectic music and themes in Second Life!

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