Leather and Denim at Club 2012 - The London Sims

 People are finally working out Club 2012`s new times (from 12 midday Second Life Time) and came to support our newest DJ. DJ MadHatter had everyone dancing and encouraged us all to sing along to his rockin` tunes. The theme was Best in Leather which even had the child avatars amongst us looking cool and the adults looking downright sexy!

 Then, it was time for DJ Pyp (right) for the Coach and Horses` Best in Denim set. Pyp, as always, delivered a blinding set and host Rocky (below) helped to keep up the buoyant atmosphere.

If you haven`t been to our mammoth events in Hyde Park where have you been? You have been missing some great parties. But don`t worry- there are plenty more to come, including great Halloween themed events for the next 6 days. Tonight`s sets include Best in Sci - Fi and Best in Witches.

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