Sci - Fi and Witches in the London Sims

You`ve got to love Halloween week on Second Life. Everyone`s oufits are on- events are a non-stop fancy dress party.

 Thursday, in Hyde Park, started with 2012`s Best in Sci-Fi event, and there were robots and beasts of every description lurking in the corners and flying over the club.

 DJ Pyp (below) had the music themed to space and sci- fi too which kept us all guessing what the set would bring. Everyone agreed her space elf outfit was one of the best with its super slinky curves!

  Thanks again to panda (kinkypixie) for the pictures. (above,right, and below,left)

And then, it was time for the Coach and Horses Best in Witches event. The girls came out in their costumes- and quite a few guys actually! We had new DJ Cody who offered us some chilled and bewitching(?) music and the set continued until the witching hour (Uk time). Right, enough from me -I`ve got to save some puns for Halloween night itself!

Ps. Tonight (Friday)`s events start at Midday (Second Life Time) and include Burlesque night and Best in

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