As the sun sets over the London Sims its time to Beware!

20121001 crypt_001 by Londonopolis
He`s behind you - As London Sims Manager Debs shelters from the rain she is unaware what lurks in the crypt!

And  Club 2012 host Jas doesn`t seem to have spotted an unusual dance partner who has joined her !

So, what`s going on? Well, just in time for Halloween, the London Community Horror Sim has just been opened and it`s looking like there`s some spillage of  spectres into Hyde Park too! So if  you are someone who enjoys a good game and hunt and wants to win top quality prizes- provided by London merchants- and cash, then this is the place to come to.
You will receive a notecard as soon as you arrive in the sim and will be invited to join the contest board,which serves as the "Game Brain". Then, its just a case of donning your Ghost hunt wand and  Ghost hunt Locater HUD and you are away. Go zap those ghosts, save London from eternal evil and pick up some freebies and cash- HALLOWEENTASTIC!

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