Sundays Fun Festivities @ 2012

Sunday `s nine and a half hour event in Hyde Park began with

DJ RoRo`s six hour Dubstep gig at Club 2012. The tunes were pumping and the rave sticks were out as everybody danced themselves into exhaustion.(Note : luckily enough avatars cant get tired and so can go on for ever - yippee!) There was a thousand linden contest too, which drew the crowds, although most people seemed to be genuinely there for the tunes .

Then it was Ziggy time and tribute band Bad Amp gave very realistic Bowie Performance.Everybody was singing along and by the time we got to the encore of `Rock and roll suicide` no one wanted it to end !

But, end it had to, because it was time for Club 2012`s usual Sunday Come as you are set. DJ Donna had everyone dancing again and the party atmosphere continued until after midnight. (British Time)

More massive events planned for this week in 2012 as we go to a permanent 8 hour a night set, which this week sees the return of Mayhem Club, who will be taking over the 5pm to7pm (Second Life Time) set.

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