Wizards and Burlesque at 2012 - London Sims

Well everyone, either we have some very confused avatars or you all want to come to Club 2012 in Hyde so much that you don`t care about the contests. Which is great as we hope you are there for the music and the "craic", as the Irish say. Lets play the odd one out in these four Best in Burlesque pictures.


Lol - did you spot him? He obviously thought he could blend in with the crowd. And then at the  next event from the Coach and Horses  something similar happened. I`m singing the Sesame Street "one of these things" song - the U tube link in case you are either too young or so old you`ve lost your memory is  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueZ6tvqhk8U.

OK round 2 - "now its time to play our game"

DJ Gary

Hmm- wizard wizard wizard and British soldier . which one could the odd one out be? Also am I the only one who thinks DJ Gary looks a bit like David Bowie in his wizard outfit? 

Anyway, I digress, Club 2012`s themes tonight (Saturday) include Best in Weird Avatar at Midday (Second Life Time). I`ll keep you posted on that one!

Oh, by the way, for an added laugh here is a picture of host Wiccy in his best in burlesque outfit from last night. At least he didn`t get his legs out!

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