Barefoot in the Park - in Uniform?- London Siims

  Thurday`s fun at Club 2012 began with the Coach and Horses "Best in Uniform" set. We seemed have more than our fair quota of nurses, but I don`t think any of the guys were complaining. Who wouldn`t want to be tended to by our luscious staff. And host Keira (above) is a fully trained nurse in real life too. As for DJ Gary (below), Richard Gere  eat your heart out, our Gazza was the perfect officer -even if he isn`t always a gentleman!

 The feisty cop on the right wouldn`t have any trouble taking the guys down the station for questioning either, I reckon!
   Then, as if we haven`t had enough film analogies, it was time for Barefoot in the Park with the Club 2012 team. Our avatars could certainly give Robert Redford and Jane Fonda a run for their money in the
sexy department.
  There was talk of cold feet during the set, but once we `d turned up our underfloor heating everybody`s toes were nice and toasty again!

                        Today`s events (starting at 11am Second Life Time) are Best in Hats,Come as you are,Best in Feathers and Whips and Chains- I`ll say no more!

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