Ceci Dover in Kensington and Movie Stars in Hyde

Thursday in the London Sims brought us a very special treat. The singer Ceci Dover treated us to a medley of  beautiful songs at the debutante charity event at Valentine`s in Kensington. My favourite was one of the best songs of all time, in my opinion, "summertime", but there were many other haunting numbers in both Spanish and English. The event also had a playmates auction to round off the evening where lucky guys got to win a date with one of the stunning girls. The generous guests contributed lots of Lindens to a very worthy cause and made it a very successful charity event in  the London Sims. 

                                                                              Singer Ceci Dover (below), amazing Second Life singer. 

Meanwhile, back in Hyde Park the Club 2012 event was less sedate. It was "Best in Movie Characters" and there were definitely some interesting choices of outfits!

I spotted Princess Leia and Lara Croft easily enough and there was no mistaking Jessica Rabbit or Batman, but which film  was the hot Santa  below and his sexy friend from? Maybe one I misssed. Anyway, great fun was had by all and DJ Pyp (bottom,middle) was an absolute star, again, coming up with all movie soundtracks for the tunes!

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