Children`s Storytime with the Coach and Horses in Hyde Park

     OK children, are we sitting comfortably? Then I`ll begin.

      Once upon a time in a far off land called Second Life there was a contest which meant that the poor people of London could win three hundred of the finest Linden Dollars. Although Princess Keira the host
 ( left- with her customary cigarette?!) had sent out the notices saying that the goodly folk could enter with outfits from any children`s story ( book or film),  it seemed that a lot of the contestants were fairy tale characters.

      Well, the Princess was delighted to see her old friend Red Riding Hood (above- in her kinky leather boots!), but not so keen to see her evil nemesis the wicked Queen Jas ( below, left). The incorrigible queen, who was also Manager of Ye Olde Coach and Horses Tavern who were running the event, was trying to get everyone to have a bite of her poisoned apple. 

    The DJ looked familiar enough to Red Riding Hood, though, as he appeared to be her one- time rival the Big Bad Wolf(above,right). He had clearly mellowed with age, however, or it was our own DJ Gary in disguise, as he was having a dance with everyone.
    And, so, after winning the bounteous treasures, they decided to banish the vile hag Queen Jas to the dark kingdom of Real Life and have fun in the fairytale land of the London Sims!
                                THE END

                    There were still some unanswered questions at the end of the event, though.

Who was the masked stranger?
Where did Batman fit in to it?
And where was sexy pirate girl `s ship?

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