Goths and Drag at Club 2012

Friday`s themes at Club 2012 couldn`t have been more diverse. First we had "Best in Goth" from the Coach and Horses, which coincidentally came on the same day that the US celebrate Black Friday- that seemed quite apt. DJ Gary (below, left) and Host Keira (below, right) kept everyone in the partying mood.

 Then, in a swift change of direction and style we were onto "Best in Drag" for the Club 2012 set. Of course that brought some colour back. London Team member Psy (below)was dared to dress up and I`m sure you`ll agree he looked very fetching in his leotard! He has the "Best in Lingerie" theme to host for tonight- God help us!

 Then, it was time for DJ Bytch`s set for Valentine`s and it has to be said that she can do Goth pretty damn well and should have been dragged along to the Coach and Horses set earlier. One final pic I have to include which somehow missed the blog earlier in the week is one of our very own DJ Wiccy (I wonder why he sprang to mind when I was blogging about drag queens!) in the "Best in Seventies" event. Look at him strut his stuff and show off that fine tail. Go Wiccy Go!!

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